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SFA @ UTEP...GameDay!

Discussion in 'UTEP Athletics' started by Canary in the Mine, Sep 5, 2020.

  1. Canary in the Mine

    Canary in the Mine Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 5 (Sat) 7 P.M. MT

    Stephen F. Austin
    El Paso, Texas Sun Bowl
    TV: ESPN3 Radio: 600 ESPN El Paso
    This game will begin to answer some questions. Primarily, how ill our quarterback situation shape up with Hardison taking the snaps.
    UTEP actually got the season underway after so much scheduling turmoil and it looks like we will actually have a season.

    Go Miners! Lets get this season off to a promising start!
  2. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

    Miners 14
    Lumberjacks 10
  3. bumpercrop

    bumpercrop New Member

    This is a hard one to pick. Miners will be rusty 'cuz they haven't had much time to practice and there are lotsa new key players. But there are some role players returning.
    I'll say
    Us 14
    Them 7
  4. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

    So far it looks like we have a QB who can throw and receivers who can catch. How long has it been since that has happened? I've seen so many dropped balls over the years!
  5. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

    Exciting game. Interception in the Lumberjack's end zone. Maybe a game changer.
  6. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

    Hardison can throw!!
  7. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

    Great win and some new Miner stars. And the veterans have pulled through again. It still remains to be seen how we do against tougher competition. Nice beginning to the season.
    On the radio, it took Mike Perez a half to warm up on color but he's a little more alive in the 2nd. Beats the heck out of Bernie. Hopefully he'll show a little more emotion as the season develops.

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