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Spring Ball is Underway

Discussion in 'UTEP Athletics' started by Canary in the Mine, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Canary in the Mine

    Canary in the Mine Administrator Staff Member

    Spring ball started yesterday, Tuesday, 3/4/20. Here is the official update from UTEP Athletics.
    The quarterback competition looks interesting. "They bring different things to the table," Dimel said. "We know that Gavin can throw the football. We want to develop his ability to run and process the offense. We want T.J. to get more experience running the offense and enhance his ability to run the football as well. Isaiah is someone we haven't talked about a whole lot, but he's got some ability to throw the ball. He has been a starter at the junior college level and has had success. And Calvin is a really hard worker, a gym rat who does a lot of positive things. He can be a good runner of the football and we want him to work on that part of his game, but also work on his understanding of the offense."

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