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UTEP vs Marshall in Frisco (C-USA Tourney)

Discussion in 'UTEP Athletics' started by Canary in the Mine, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Canary in the Mine

    Canary in the Mine Administrator Staff Member

    On Feb. 15, Marshall defeated the Miners at the Don by 10 points.

    • Overall 17-14
    • PCT .548
    • Conf 8-10
    • PCT .444
    • Streak W4
    • Home 13-4
    • Away 3-9
    • Neutral 1-1
    • Overall 16-15
    • PCT .516
    • Conf 10-8
    • PCT .556
    • Streak W2
    • Home 10-6
    • Away 5-9
    • Neutral 1-0
    Here is how we fared against common opponents:
    FAU...........loss ..........win&loss
    UAB.......... loss...........loss&loss
    ODU......... loss...........win&win
    LA Tech.... loss..............win
    S Miss.....win&win........win
    WKU........ loss.............loss&loss
    UCNC...... loss...............loss
    N Tex....... loss...............loss
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2020
  2. Canary in the Mine

    Canary in the Mine Administrator Staff Member

    The C-USA Tourney is hard to predict because there are so many teams and so many extenuating circumstances. For instance, all teams don't play each other twice. If we had played FAU and FIU at home, as well as on the road, those could have been Ws. And when we played them on the road the first time, Coach was in the hospital in critical condition.
    Some stats jump out of the chart, above. Both UTEP and Marshall have been owned by WKU, Charlotte, UAB and North Texas. In the mean time, UTSA has been a wash.
    All this is a good indicator of where we both are in C-USA 2020: middle of the pack.
    So looking at the Marshall schedule since Feb. 1, it's been loss then 2 wins. Loss then 2 wins, loss then 2 wins. If this trend continues, their next game should be a loss.

    UTEP is on a 4 game win streak and our last loss was (wait for it) Marshall, at our house.
    Here comes a prediction taking all this into consideration:
    1. UTEP's 4 game win streak (thank you Rice!).
    2. Lust for revenge against Marshall.
    3. A general feeling that the team is coming together at the end of the season.
    4. Our depth. We've got several frustrated players on the bench chomping at the bit to get on the floor. I'm looking at you Efe, et al. CRT could shorten the bench and look for a possible return of some of our wounded heroes during the tourney if we make a run.

    Therefore, The Canary is going to fly out on a twig and predict a win for the Miner on Wednesday. Oh you want me to predict a score, also? Sorry...I'm not going to stick my beak out that far.
  3. KiddMiner

    KiddMiner Member

    Hmm...well win streak or not I just don't feel confident in playing Marshall. If we can make buckets early without struggling (inside the 3 point range) then I like our chances...but if we get into a situation where we feel the long shot is our go to.....well, it could be 1 and done..
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  4. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

    Agreed. It'll be nice to play somebody but Rice. The Marshall game will give us a hint. Does the win streak have legs because we'll need a different strategy. I'm excited to see what happens. Time to take this show on the road!
  5. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

    Game Day!! Marshall is a 2.5 pt favorite.
    UTEP ranks 74th in steals allowed per game (5.8) while Marshall ranks 227th (8.4).
    The Thundering Herd rank 40th in rebounds per game (38.6) while the Miners rank 188th (34.6).
    Marshall ranks sixth in blocks per game (5.9) while UTEP ranks 132nd (3.0).
    The Thundering Herd rank 52nd in three pointers attempted per game (24.8) while the Miners rank 110th in three pointers allowed per game (20.7).
    Marshall ranks 19th in assists allowed per game (10.1) while UTEP ranks 38th (10.7).
    Over its last five contests, UTEP is 4-1 ATS with 3 unders and 2 overs.
    Marshall is 4-1 ATS with 3 overs and 2 unders over its last five games.
    The Miners’ average margin of victory in their last five games has been 4.8, up from 1.6 for the season.
    During their last five games, the Thundering Herd have scored an average of 80.2 points per game (4.6 above their season average) and allowed an average of 74.8 points per game (1.9 above their season average).
  6. EJP

    EJP Active Member

    I like the Miners to win 71 - 67
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