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We need a Point Guard

Discussion in 'UTEP Athletics' started by Canary in the Mine, May 21, 2020.

  1. Canary in the Mine

    Canary in the Mine Administrator Staff Member

    It'll be great if he can play this year. He'll have 2 years of eligibility.

    “He’s doing a lot of things well,” Kruger said of Bieniemy, according to The Oklahoman. “He’s moving the basketball. He’s getting us into stuff. He’s really good defensively and a communicator. He’s playing good basketball.

    A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, that was raised in the Houston area, Bieniemy was a four-star prospect by 247Sports and a three-star by the 247Sports composite ranking in the 2018 recruiting class. Bieniemy was ranked as the No. 24 point guard and the No. 7 player in the state of Texas in the class.
  2. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

    Emmanual White

  3. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

  4. KiddMiner

    KiddMiner Member

    As a resident of Oklahoma, I can say Bieniemy is as good as advertised.. but C Kruger was looking at changing things up so.... BB is not as big out here as FB and you've got some folks questioning the move , but the big question is...UTEP!!!!Why...in the years (29) that I have lived here I have found that a lot of people look down on El Paso in general , when U of O went to the Sun Bowl people where pissed...kiss my a@# I say.

    I was in attendance as were my sons...ha...

  5. roundsound

    roundsound Well-Known Member

    Great post, Kidd. What a great team that was. RC3, Caracter, JStone, Moultrie, Polk. And, what a great game!

    And it's good to get perspective from inside the great state of Oklahoma about Bieniemy!
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